Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Why Maintenance?


Why is preventative AC maintenance so important? Preventative air conditioning maintenance can insure lower utility bills, healthier indoor air quality, higher efficiency usage, less emergency repairs, and most of all extend the life of the system. We can draw parallels from the care which we give to our cars. We bring them into the auto shop to for regular AC maintenance to keep them working and to make sure problems don’t arise, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your air conditioning and heating system.

  • Only $179 for one system

  • Only $89 for each additional System

  • Only $15 for each filter after 1st are $7 each




  1. Check Thermostat
  2. Check for disconnects
  3. Check for proper size breakers
  4. Check filters
  5. Purge condensate line
  6. Check for overflow protection
  7. Check door swtich
  8. Wash condenser coil
  9. Remove debris from unit
  10. Lubricate applicable motors
  11. Check wiring connections
  12. Check contactor
  13. Check voltage and amperage
  14. Check refrigerant charge
  15. Check superheat/sub-cooling
  16. Tighten mechanical fitting
  17. Test all pressure switche



  1. Check Thermostat
  2. Check filters
  3. Lubricate applicable motors
  4. Check for proper combustion air
  5. Check vent pipe
  6. Check for gas leaks
  7. Check carbon monoxide level
  8. Inspect burners/adjust
  9. Inspect heat exchanger
  10. Inspect pilot assembly
  11. Check gas pressure
  12. Check for furnace disconnect
  13. Check safeties and fan controls
  14. Check door switch



  1. Check for disconnect
  2. Check filter
  3. Lubricate applicable motors
  4. Check Thermostat
  5. Check wiring connections
  6. Check operation of heat strips
  7. Check emergency heat
  8. Check voltage and amperage
  9. Test reversing valve
  10. Test defrost operation
  11. Tighten all mechanical fittings